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My name is Kim, and I am an addict.  No, not to alcohol or drugs, although maybe to shoes and sex.  I am addicted to a hodge podge of unrelated items.

Shoes.  I LOVE SHOES.  I have over 100 pairs.  The only reason I have bought more lately is because I had foot surgery two months ago and prior to that could only wear the same two pairs of shoes for about 4 months.    I would go without food for the right shoes.

Television. I love it.  I like such a huge variety of shows, I can’t even narrow down my favorite.

Books. I have such a pile of TBR (to be read), that I don’t think I will ever get to them.  However, this in no way stops me from buying more.  In my defense, I do read a couple of books a week, and more during holidays and summer break when I am not teaching.

Bath Products.  I love shower gels, bubble baths, shampoos, hair conditioners.  i have at least two dozen in my bathroom right now, and some still in the linen closet.

Indecisive/Fickle men.   I don’t like this addiction very much.  The other addictions are pretty fun.  This one just pisses me off.

Daniel Craig.  GOOD GOD.  That man is hot.  I would do dirty dirty things to him.

Basketball.  I love basketball.  I will watch games with teams I don’t even care about just to watch basketball.  This comes in handy during tourny time when I do my brackets.

I am beginning to wonder if these addictions are somehow related to The Tumor.

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Today, I got the links to some schools in Bogota.  I am going to send my CV and letter of intent to them this week.  If I get  an offer, I will move to Bogota. Why not?  I have no kids and no husband.  I have spent the better part of my life doing what was required of me or needed from me, so now I am going to do what I want to do.   I would miss my family and friends here, but most of the schools provide return flights at different times.  They also provide accommodations and full health insurance.  HELLO?  So, I am puttin’ the talk on the shelf and bustin’ out the big action guns.

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literary dirt

Given my moniker, it’s not surprise that I love to read.  I have pretty broad tastes in books.  I would say “literature”, but not all books are literature, as most of us know. I have a dirty literary secret.  No, I don’t read Danielle Steele or Harlequin romance novels.  My secret “trash” books, as I lovingly refer to them are books by John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell.   I like the law.  I worked in a law firm for 8 years. The law firm I worked in was EXACTLY like The Firm.   Grisham does a good job of spinning a good story, even if the books aren’t considered high literature, they are entertaining and good for beach reads, or, as I am in now, holiday reads.  I bought the latest paperback The Appeal.  So far it’s entertaining.  Of all of them, A Time to Kill, The Street Lawyer, and The Painted House are my favorites.  The Painted House isn’t a legal thriller, it’s set on a farm and there is a mystery storyline.  Another reason I like his books is that they are usually set in The South.  Being a Southern girl, the familiar names and places certainly appeal to me.
Patricia Cornwell writes medical/crime thrillers.  I have always loved medical crime shows, like “Quincy” (back in the day) and the CSI franchise.    There are a lot of books out there with this formula, I guess, but I only read Cornwell’s books.  I like her Kay Scarpetta character.  I didn’t really like the other series she branched out with.  I have another Kay Scarpetta in the stack to read too.
So, that’s my dirty secret.  I have some trash books that I like, but at least I don’t read Nicholas Sparks.

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Last week I started my stuff I wanted to do list for 2009.  Some of them are holdovers from last year that didn’t quite get done.  I had  rough year last year while I was grieving for THE HOBB.  This year, I am ready to move forward.

One thing I have been thinking about for a while is getting a tattoo.  I have an idea of what I want, it has morphed a little, but basically remained the same idea, so I guess I can get it done.  In the past, I haven’t because I was afraid, I would change my mind, a sort of buyer’s remorse, but I think I have it settled.

Something new that I have just started thinking about with our crappy economy and engery crisis is getting a Vespa.  My friend Brice tells me to get a Honda Rebel, another friend told me some other motorcycle I can’t remember the name of.  I have not  been a big proponent of motorcycles in the past. I know they are dangerous, etc.  I know that *I* would be a safe driver, but what about other crazies?  Well, I am not one to really live my life based on fear of the unknown, maybe my love life, but not my everyday living life.  THE HOBB always worried about being at the mall alone or swimming in the ocean or flying, and I always thought, if it’s my time, it’s my time.  So, now, maybe I am having my own mid-life crisis creeping up on my 40th birthday.  I want a kid, but a bike would be cheaper.

I am going to try to get something published, either in a paper or a magazine or something. I write shit all the time.  Some of it I show to people, some if it just sits on my computer, collecting cyber dust.

i’m still thinking…

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fun with pets

Originally published 06/25/07

fun with pets
Current mood: silly
Category: Pets and Animals One of my favorite things to do is pester Zelda.  One of the games I like to play with her is “stare down”.  We stare at each other, obviously. All the while, her little nubby tail starts wagging faster and faster and faster, like she is winding herself up like a wind-up toy.  Then when she just can’t stand it one second longer she jumps at me and does a little playful bark.   She can never win.  She get so excited and just HAS to woof at me.

Another game we play is “look how cute i am”.  She looks at me all sweet-like, then rolls over on her belly and keeps giving me the side eye until I rub her belly.  The fun part of this game is that I tell her she is a rotten ugly dog that no one likes.

“Wake up, mama” is another of her favorites.  In this game she throws her body entirely across me and barks at me and wags her nub at top speeds until I relent and take her out to wee.

My favorite game is “weird noises”.  Zelda HATES any strange noise you make with your mouth.  Whistling (which I, too, hate), thpppt-ing, buzzing like a bee, kissing noises. I am always trying to find new freakish noises to make.  She goes NUTS.  She jumps around and barks and growls and runs up to me then scoots back.  She’s a nut.

I also make up songs to all of the animals.  I can’t sing, but since they love me, they don’t care.   These are just a few of the fun things I do in my exciting rock star, devil-may-care life.

I am a loon.

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Super Mutts

Originally published on MySpace 06/27/07

Super Mutts
Current mood: surprised
Category: Pets and Animals

I have a problem with this idea that because you breed two pure bred dogs and make up a cutesie name for them, that they are somehow special.  Wrong.  Labradoodle, Golden Doodle, Cockapoo, Snickerdoodle, Jimmy Jackstraw, Lumpy Pumkinhole.  Hell, I can’t keep up. I heard some people at work talking about a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier, or something.  I know people who have paid fucking $475 for one of these. WHAT???  IT IS A MUTT!

One pure bred + one pure bred = a mixed breed = a mutt.

I am not sure why this bothers me, but it does.  I have paid oodles of money for purebred dogs, and I have no problem with that, but i would never in my entire life spend a fortune for a mutt.

You might have one of these new Super Mutts, and if so, I am sorry you got taken in.

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what i’m gonna do is

In 2009, I am going to get some shit did.

The first thing I am going to do is get my S.C.U.B.A. certification.  I have always wanted to do this.  Once I do, I want to go on fun diving trips to exotic tropical places.  I dated a guy for a while who was a diver, and had we stayed together, I was going to get my certification.  I don’t really know why I haven’t done it sooner, but I am going to look into classes around here.  Anyone interested?

Next, I am going to plan some trips for Spring and Summer.  I really want to drive across country, camping in cool places and visiting friends as I go, but I would rather do that with someone special than by myself.  So, instead, I think I will go visit some people.  I have friends all over the place, so that will be fun to see them.

Now, that I have my foot all “surgerized”, I am going to start running again. I am not going to train for a marathon, but I am going to train for some local races, maybe The Bridge Run.  Mettler is always trying to get me to do that race.  I am going to be mother fuckin’ Forest Gump up in the Heights.

I think that’s enough for now.

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