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Today, I got the links to some schools in Bogota.  I am going to send my CV and letter of intent to them this week.  If I get  an offer, I will move to Bogota. Why not?  I have no kids and no husband.  I have spent the better part of my life doing what was required of me or needed from me, so now I am going to do what I want to do.   I would miss my family and friends here, but most of the schools provide return flights at different times.  They also provide accommodations and full health insurance.  HELLO?  So, I am puttin’ the talk on the shelf and bustin’ out the big action guns.

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literary dirt

Given my moniker, it’s not surprise that I love to read.  I have pretty broad tastes in books.  I would say “literature”, but not all books are literature, as most of us know. I have a dirty literary secret.  No, I don’t read Danielle Steele or Harlequin romance novels.  My secret “trash” books, as I lovingly refer to them are books by John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell.   I like the law.  I worked in a law firm for 8 years. The law firm I worked in was EXACTLY like The Firm.   Grisham does a good job of spinning a good story, even if the books aren’t considered high literature, they are entertaining and good for beach reads, or, as I am in now, holiday reads.  I bought the latest paperback The Appeal.  So far it’s entertaining.  Of all of them, A Time to Kill, The Street Lawyer, and The Painted House are my favorites.  The Painted House isn’t a legal thriller, it’s set on a farm and there is a mystery storyline.  Another reason I like his books is that they are usually set in The South.  Being a Southern girl, the familiar names and places certainly appeal to me.
Patricia Cornwell writes medical/crime thrillers.  I have always loved medical crime shows, like “Quincy” (back in the day) and the CSI franchise.    There are a lot of books out there with this formula, I guess, but I only read Cornwell’s books.  I like her Kay Scarpetta character.  I didn’t really like the other series she branched out with.  I have another Kay Scarpetta in the stack to read too.
So, that’s my dirty secret.  I have some trash books that I like, but at least I don’t read Nicholas Sparks.

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