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My name is Kim, and I am an addict.  No, not to alcohol or drugs, although maybe to shoes and sex.  I am addicted to a hodge podge of unrelated items.

Shoes.  I LOVE SHOES.  I have over 100 pairs.  The only reason I have bought more lately is because I had foot surgery two months ago and prior to that could only wear the same two pairs of shoes for about 4 months.    I would go without food for the right shoes.

Television. I love it.  I like such a huge variety of shows, I can’t even narrow down my favorite.

Books. I have such a pile of TBR (to be read), that I don’t think I will ever get to them.  However, this in no way stops me from buying more.  In my defense, I do read a couple of books a week, and more during holidays and summer break when I am not teaching.

Bath Products.  I love shower gels, bubble baths, shampoos, hair conditioners.  i have at least two dozen in my bathroom right now, and some still in the linen closet.

Indecisive/Fickle men.   I don’t like this addiction very much.  The other addictions are pretty fun.  This one just pisses me off.

Daniel Craig.  GOOD GOD.  That man is hot.  I would do dirty dirty things to him.

Basketball.  I love basketball.  I will watch games with teams I don’t even care about just to watch basketball.  This comes in handy during tourny time when I do my brackets.

I am beginning to wonder if these addictions are somehow related to The Tumor.

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