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I may have written about this before, so if you’ve read this before please feel free to stop at any time.  However, I am sure it will be even more brilliant and eloquent the second time around. (and if you’re a man, you probably need a refresher)

Yes, it IS a year later, and yes, I AM still single.   I want to be wooed.  Is that bad or anti-feminist of me?  I want sweet cards and flowers.  I like having doors held for me.  It is a big turn on to be wanted and desired, right?  I mean, who wouldn’t want that??  Have a I been single too long?  Do these things now happen in real life these days?  Is what I would like only a Hollywood-induced fantasy of how romance is?  I mean, I don’t need to be swept off to Paris on someone’s private jet.  I am not unrealistic.  A sweet email, a text, a card, flowers.

Take note men:  Women still like (and want) romance.  We’re suckers for it!  The old adage “You get more flies with honey, than with vinegar” stands the test of time!    It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just thoughtful.  Find out what they like and indulge them!    This goes for you married men as much (or more) as it does for single men.

I am sure you all do thoughtful things.  Thoughtful and romantic are not synonymous.  Thoughtful will get you a hug or kiss; romantic will get you, well, you know.   PLAN a date, don’t leave it up to us.   Be original.  Hold our hand in public sometimes.   If you try, I promise, we’ll appreciate it, and we’ll love that you tried, even if you do something corny and silly, we’ll be happy.

Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe it is just me.

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted a blog in nearly a year!  I have plenty to say, as usual.  The past 8 months have been busy busy.  There are no real highlights, so I won’t bore you.

I have decided not to move to another country to teach.  Right now anyway.  I want to get my National Board certification.  I also want to get my Social Studies certification and work on a PhD.  I can’t get enough of the school.  ha!  I promise to be better about posting blogs.

Come back and see me!

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