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Last week I started my stuff I wanted to do list for 2009.  Some of them are holdovers from last year that didn’t quite get done.  I had  rough year last year while I was grieving for THE HOBB.  This year, I am ready to move forward.

One thing I have been thinking about for a while is getting a tattoo.  I have an idea of what I want, it has morphed a little, but basically remained the same idea, so I guess I can get it done.  In the past, I haven’t because I was afraid, I would change my mind, a sort of buyer’s remorse, but I think I have it settled.

Something new that I have just started thinking about with our crappy economy and engery crisis is getting a Vespa.  My friend Brice tells me to get a Honda Rebel, another friend told me some other motorcycle I can’t remember the name of.  I have not  been a big proponent of motorcycles in the past. I know they are dangerous, etc.  I know that *I* would be a safe driver, but what about other crazies?  Well, I am not one to really live my life based on fear of the unknown, maybe my love life, but not my everyday living life.  THE HOBB always worried about being at the mall alone or swimming in the ocean or flying, and I always thought, if it’s my time, it’s my time.  So, now, maybe I am having my own mid-life crisis creeping up on my 40th birthday.  I want a kid, but a bike would be cheaper.

I am going to try to get something published, either in a paper or a magazine or something. I write shit all the time.  Some of it I show to people, some if it just sits on my computer, collecting cyber dust.

i’m still thinking…

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