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Read my list then add some stuff you’re loving right now!  Spread the love

Some stuff I am loving right now:

*our President Elect
*Yo Gabba Gabba
*Chessman cookies from Pepperidge Farms
*Sierra Mist with Cranberry
*crinkle cut fries
*reuniting with old friends on Facebook (but i STILL like myspace best for a creative outlet)
*Anthony Horowitz ( a teen lit writer that I am getting into for my kids)
*Gladiator – i dvr’d it and watch it every night to fall asleep.
*face moisturizer
*my friends who are so fucking awesome
*reading other people’s blogs
*flannel sheets
*my inhalers
*Blistex medicated chapstick
*looking at my old photos.  i need to bust out the digital camera again when the hoof heals
*broccoli casserole
*john legend
*anticipating the new Bond movie

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