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Here are some things I will never understand. Ever.

– Why people line baseball caps up in their back window of their cars.  I just don’t get it.

– Same for the line of stuffed animals

– republicans and conservatives

– algebra

– Teletubbies

– Muzak

-Joan Rivers and her plastic surgery obsession

-Monster trucks that need a ladder to get into

-Carrot Top

-why more people didn’t watch “The Wire” or “I’ll Fly Away”

-dead beat parents

– people who go on Maury to find their baby daddy and test like 5 or 12 people. Do they not care that they look like a ho?

– why people don’t take advantage of FREE birth control options


– how people voted for George W. Bush — twice

– word problems in math

– how people can’t like cheese


– how we can kill off so many awesome animals, or drive them near extinction, but can’t get rid of roaches, mosquitoes or fleas.

– why people won’t evacuate when given the opportunity.  sell your shit and get the fuck out.  when i was told to evacuate charleston, i grabbed a change of clothes, my money and my turtle and hit the road.

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