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I’ve always eschewed groups that required membership: fan clubs, sororities, etc.   I’m not sure why, I get a physical reaction when I think about some elitist clubs. I don’t WANT to be a part of any club that is that uppity and disdainful of others.  Ok, I lied.  i was a member of the Key and Latin Clubs in high school, but seriously, how popular are those clubs?  I was also a charter member of the Benjamin Franklin Philately Club. Yes, that’s what they called it.  I was 9.  (That’s stamp collecting for you not in the know.) I was also a Les Coquette in high school. That was the high school sorority at Dreher that you could be a member of when you were in 11th grade.  I didn’t do the LTA or LPT sororities because they had actual humiliating initiations and hazing.  Not my speed.

Fast Forward to adulthood and the club that matters. Politics. I don’t have any official affiliations to any specific political parties.  I do see myself as more of a Democrat that any other group, so I guess it’s all a matter of semantics. I can not imagine how I could be a supporter of the Republican party. I realize they are all defective in many ways.  That being said, as a woman whose rights are constantly in jeopardy by the right wing groups, I can’t imagine putting my future solely in their hands.  I can’t imagine how any woman can.  I can’t imagine being black, gay, female or poor and being a supporter of Republicans. At every turn, they are working to undermine those demographics. I wonder at how informed those groups actually are or if they’re just spewing what parents and husbands have told them is “the right way” to think.  I don’t need everyone to comment and try to explain to me your reasoning for allowing old white men to dictate how you live your life, what you do with your uterus, who you marry, all while hording away money in tax shelters and the Caymans as your family loses their home.

I’ll keep my usually open mind and tolerant attitudes closed and intolerant in this one instance.  Thankfully, thinking and voting are illegal yet, so I can denounce who I want when I want.

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