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UGH!  So, I am getting my ass in shape.  I want to do the USMC Mud Run next year.  Today, I met with a trainer at Gold’s Gym.  He asked all sorts of health- and body-related questions:  “What are your top goals?” “When do you feel you were at your best physical state?” “How committed are you?”  “Are there any big events that are motivating you?”  I found out that it is not going to take me as long to reach my goals (less than a year).  My real age is 41.  My health age is 45.  Not too shabby. I think.   I refuse (in a traditional female way) to post my weight on the world wide web, but it’s NOT what I want it to be.  It will be!

Today’s trainer, Duston, was hilarious, and he kicked my ass in just a few minutes!  He was lighthearted, but made me push myself.  He was born the year I graduated high school, so we decided this was a good omen to get back to my high school self! (or really just close to it)  I decided to dole out the money for a weekly (not more!) trainer to keep me accountable and on target.  After considering it, I determined that I wanted to be healthy and fit, more than I wanted to go out, buy new shoes (maybe not more than I want new books), and mainly more than I wanted to hand over money to doctors because I was unhealthy.  Luckily, I haven’t reached that stage yet – the diabetes/high blood pressure/high cholesterol stage. Forunately for me, I have never smoked.  That is such a huge factor.

This time 12 months from now, I will have reached ALL of my fitness goals.  That just seems like not time at all!  I can tell you, after busting my ass tonight, I do NOT want to add anymore to what I am trying to get rid of!  Geez!  So, it’s 3 days of weight training 4-5 days of cardio, 3-4 days of strength training, and I am going to add some yoga as well.  Before I add the yoga, I am going to have to learn those positions so I don’t look like a bigger dumbass!  Ha!

I want to be fit and strong for three reasons:

1- The Mud Run 2011

2- My 25 high school reunion is coming up (fuckin’ ay, i’m old!)

3- I will be 42 next year

Those are all excellent reasons I think.  I am doing this for me.  I have spent my entire adult life taking care of everyone else.  I am going to start putting  me first, because frankly no one else does or has sin I was a child.  I am not sad about this; it’s just something that has been, but doesn’t have to be any longer.

In addition to upping my physicality, I am paying  closer attention to my food intake.  Cheese, my beloved cheese, we can be together no more.  Or not much anyway.  I bought 99% fat free turkey tonight for sandwiches AND NO CHEESE OR MAYO!  I bought lots of veggies, fruits, yogurt, grains, legumes and some fat free milk for my Cheerios and oatmeal.  I am not going to cut myself off completely because that’s not realistic for certain situations: The State Fair, Thanksgiving and the Free For All.  French fries are officially off the menu, except for the Fair!  I rarely drink sodas, unless I have an upset stomach, so that’s not a problem.  I drink tons of water and unsweetened tea. I just really need to work out more and harder.

I am really glad I have been walking 3-5 miles pretty regularly or I would really feel like shit tonight!

So my achy thighs will now go to bed! Tomorrow at 6, back to the trainer!  Stay tuned.

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