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I am really ready for the next year to get here.  2007 has been very stressful for me.  There has been good stress and bad stress.  The biggest life changes this year were moving, changing my career (again, back to teaching) and then THE HOBB dying. 

I guess for some people moving isn’t that big of a change, but I am one of those rare people who lived in the same house for 25 of my 38 years.  I did have a different place to live each year in college, but those were not my permanent addresses.   I hate moving. I hate packing. It just sucks ass.  I DO like that i purge quite a bit when I move.  THE HOBB did not.  I am still trying to decide whether to stay in this house I am in now, or move.  Part of me wants a clean start in a new house. Another part is too lazy and overwhelmed to think about moving.  And yet another part doesn’t want to live where Gram died.  I am a bit fearful that lazy and overwhelmed will win! Although, I do like this house a lot, and it’s in a neighborhood that I really like.  So, maybe I will just stay put until I find the house I really want.  I actually thought about renting my friend Mettler’s house when he moves away for a new job, but that seems to be on hold. Plus, I don’t want his ass coming back to Columbia and kicking me out and having to move AGAIN.  I am a renter. I want to be a renter. I do NOT like the stress of household repairs and upkeep. I do LIKE being able to call the landlord and say, “Hey, the heating and air unit is busted, ” and they send someone to fix it.  I would like a house to rent that I am going to be able to rent until A) (and most likely) I die, or B) I get married and live with my betrothed.  Since I am not even able to get a date these days, I don’t see that as a big  concern.

In 2008, I want things to really turn around and be fun for me.  I want this to be the year of Kim and the year of Jill.  We have both had so much shit over the past couple of years, that we REALLY deserve to have our own year where it ALL goes right!  I am in a job that I love, so that part is covered. Now, I just want to travel and do things with my friends.  I have been unable to travel just to Charlotte to see friends because I was afraid to leave Gramma.  I want this to be the year where my only worry is whether or not Annie can remember to come take care of the dogs and pick up the mail when I am out and about travelling the roads.  I want to meet the man of my dreams and fall madly, crazily in love.  I want to get in to shape and take care of me for a change.  I want to spend my Saturdays running around to garage sales and flea markets and digging in my yard, or simply sitting on my couch with my cats and good book.  For the past 15 years or so, all of my decisions and plans were made around Gramma, even before she was sick.  I didn’t mind this, but I AM truly looking forward to living my own life in the way I want.  This will be my year. I am ready for it.  I will take the next one and some odd days to revel and be he old Kim, but as of January 1, 2008, it’s all about me.   

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Life after THE HOBB

Well, THE HOBB has been gone for a month now.  I miss her each and every day.  THe weirdest things make me think about her or bring a flash of a memory.  Then, that sort of sets the tears off.  I know that Gramma would NOT want me wandering around crying at the drop of a hat, so I just tell myself to suck it up. 

As I knew it would be Thanksgiving was really sad for me.  My family, for as long as I can remember, has always had a big Thanksgiving.  It was the one time that most of my family members came together and ate dinner and had great fellowship together.  Thanksgiving was a time when my mom might actually show up sober and hang out for a while.   This Turkey Day, my sister and I decided to just not have Thanksigiving.  We went to see No Country for Old Men.  It was good.   Then we sneaked in to Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.  So we spent the whole day at the movies.  It was nice.   By the time we got home, for me Thanksgiving was  over. 

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I decided to start my own new tradition. I decided to start having a gathering of friends on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It is called the FALL FRIENDS FREE-FOR-ALL.  We all gathered last night.  Most of my friends were there.  Some were still out of town for the holidays.  We had a nice fire going in the fireplace. There was a TON of food!  HOLY CRAP!  We had everything you can think of:  chili, pigs in the blanket, Asian cole slaw, boiled peanuts, hot wings, rum cakes, ice cream, rotel cheese dip, bleu cheese biscuits, pasta salad, artichoke dip. Lord, the list just goes on and on!  We had a giant cooler of beer and some wine (which was probably not that great, because I don’t drink wine).  It was a ton of fun.  A lot of my friends brought their kids.  We all drank and ate WAY TOO MUCH.  We watched the CLEMSON TIGERS beat USC.  Barely. But a win is a win baby!  My awesome friends helped me clean up, and we all split up the food.

One party guest stood out as THE NUMBER ONE party guest.  MICH! He brought me the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FUTURESEX/LOVESHOW LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN DVD!!  WOOO!  That makes him the number one party guest!  (and my room is immaculate).  He also made the delicious pigs in the blanket. 

Gramma would have loved this party . She would have been the belle of the ball!  Now, I just have to get through Christmas.  That will be much harder. Thanksgiving and Christmas were her favorite holidays. 

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