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1 – My sister is super cranky.  I am not sure why.  I think it’s a combo of the anniversary of THE HOBB’s death and my surgery.  She is a pain in the ass though.

2 – I can’t wait to vote!  Seriously.

3 – I wish I had some goat cheese and fancy crackers, or some sushi, or some tomato crab bisque from pasta fresca.

4 – I really like doll houses, like the little cutesy fancy ones, not the ones little kids play with.  I always love to check them out at the fair.  There used to be this store in Charleston that sold doll house stuff. I would go in and wander around and look at stuff. I am far from a girly girl, but occasionally, some girly-girl activity intrigues me.

5 – I am jealous of Jill because she has learned to knit.  I always wanted to, but when my college roommate, Jenn, taught everyone else, I couldn’t get the hang of it.  I think I lack the knitting gene.

6 – I have been wanting to have a baby again, not necessarily a husband, but definitely the baby.  Ok, I want the husband part, too, but they’re rare these days.

7 – Last year I wanted an outdoor fire pit.  I still do!  I think I am going to keep an eye on them in the sales papers.  If you you hear of any, let me know!  I think they are cool.  I like fire.

8 – I really need to go on vacation.  I have a lot of friends who live out of town or state.  I want to go visit them!   I might have to do make this summer, The Summer of the Traveling Kim.

9 – My sister keeps buying me Nasal Strips. However, she doesn’t get Breathe Right VAPOR strips and she gets LARGE.  Hello??  My nose isn’t THAT big!   So, the strips are too big and therefore don’t work.  She reminds me of my Uncle Jim though.  If you say you like something one time, she buys it for you again and again and again.  Once is plenty.  My gramma told her brother, my great-uncle, that she liked Gulden’s mustard.  I think we had about 15 bottles of it in the pantry. He bought it for her ALL the time.  She finally told him that was plenty and he got pissed and didn’t buy anymore.

10 – I want to go on a shoe/book buying spree. (nothing new there)

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Stay Tuned

Hey readers,

I have been veritably uninspired this year.  I have missed my grandma too much.  I have been unexcited about writing.  I am hoping to break that trend soon.  So here is a reminder to come back and read!



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