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Have I ever told you guys that I sleep with my glasses on?  Well, it’s true.  I do.  I don’t mean I fall asleep with them on, I mean, I knowingly, willingly roll over and go to sleep still wearing them.  I will often awaken in the mornings with them still on my face. 

Sometimes, I will wake up and take them off.  I usually stick them under a pillow.  I used to just place them on the bed next to me, but Ruby (the beagle) had severe separation anxiety as a pup, and she chewed up an entire pair.  After that, I started putting them in the nightstand drawer (into which she managed to wiggle her beagle head and steal and eat a second pair. She nibbled on a third pair, but they survived).  I  had to quit wearing wire frames because they got all jacked up and bent sleeping in them.

I like going to sleep with them on.  I like waking up in them.  My gramma always thought I was goofy, but she said her mom used to take a nap with her glasses on when gram was a kid.  My niece does it too.  Maybe it’s hereditary.  It’s not that I am lazy.  It causes me less discomfort to sleep in a pair of glasses than a pair of contacts.  Contacts are like rubber cement in my eyeballs when I sleep in them. (I used to love to sniff rubber cement when I was a kid.  Ok, I still do.)  It drives Annie’s mom nuts. Her dad was an optician. She is horrified by how I treat my glasses. HA!  The pair I have now would actually be in great shape if I hadn’t sat on them when I was getting dressed one day.  I took them off to put my shirt on, then turned around and sat down to put on sneakers.  Squash.  They are only a little cattywhompus.

So now you know another amazing tidbit about K-Finn, Ghetto $uperstar.

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