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I know I am a big geek, but I am REALLY excited about this election year!!  It is truly historical!  The possiblity of a woman or black man as President of  the United States is AWESOME.  (I am hoping for the black man by the way!) The past several decades we have had such a low turn out at the polls, and I am really hoping that with the past two presidential terms being so unsatisfying and unsatifactory for so many Americans that some people who have never voted, never thought their vote mattered will actually come out and make their mark. 

If you haven’t registed to vote go here .  You can find information for registering for every state.  Please add becoming an active voter to your list of resolutions of the new year!  I don’t care who you vote for — okay I do — but vote anyway!! Vote to spite someone!  Vote to impress someone!  Vote because you don’t want to lose any more freedoms! Vote because you never have!  Vote to cancel out someone else’s vote! Vote for your cause!  Vote because it’s sexy!  Vote because you should!

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Well, The Tumor is busy.  (If you don’t know about The Tumor, you need to go read this blog (https://booknurd69.wordpress.com/2007/09/16/rikki-tikki-tumor/) before proceeding, or you’ll be lost.  I have been doing some wacky things, which as we all know are NOT my fault, but the fault of The Tumor. 

One recent example was the kissing of the 24 year old. However, I am starting to think I should have worked that a little more.  I hear the older fellas may have some performance anxiety. 

I have been doing the drunk texting.  I know. I know. You’re saying, “Kim, why don’t you learn that this is a poor idea?”.  It’s not me.  Talk to The Tumor.

This summer I befriended FIVE kittens.  Like I need more kittens…I still have two of them…The Tumor is nothing if not pet friendly.

The Tumor has been affecting my ability to walk and sit.  I have hurt THE ANKLE several times over the past year.  I also fell out of my chair today and bruised my butt.  I was in a cast due to the clumsiness caused by The  Tumor.

The Tumor also apparently likes hummus and pita chips as that is what I have been craving lately.

I also believe The Tumor is to blame for my recent desire for a boyfriend. The Tumor wants me to be driven insane by fickleness, indecision, flirtation and the possibility of hot sex.  The Tumor doesn’t care if I am miserable.  It FEEDS on my misery.  After posting my original Tumor blog, The Tumor forced me to date five men at one time, two of which I really liked, the others were just sorta fun.  I am now being punished by The Tumor because since then, I have only had ONE date!! Damned Tumor.

The Tumor is also prompting me to write numerous blogs in one night, as was witnessed this past Saturday. I think The Tumor might also be to blame for the endless surveys I am compelled to complete.

There is no end to the torment of The Tumor.

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