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The Chicken and The Crow

My oldest, closest friend is Amy Jo. Well she is one of them.  I have known Debbie and Amy Jo since we were in 7th grade.  At this point, they are family, not friends. 

  In middle school, Debbie and I were inseparable.  In high school, college and after, it was Amy Jo and Kim, The Chicken and The Crow.  Those were our nicknames.    She used to do animal impressions; The Chicken was one of them.  I was The Crow because I was always bitching at her.  CAW CAW!

Amy Jo and I rode to school every day. We ate lunch together. We hung out together at night and on weekends.  We all hung out on weekends and went to the beach and stuff together. Amy and I went to the Bahamas together.  I’d sleep at her house, she’d sleep at mine.  More often she was at mine because her mom was always at the lake.  No one knows me as well as these two crazy girls!

Amy Jo and I were college roommates.  We had so much fun.  (those are stories for later blogs!)  When we graduated, she lived with me and THE HOBB for awhile. (THE HOBB is my gramma for new readers. )

As grown ups, we rarely see each other as much as we’d like, considering the constant hours we spent as girls and young adults. Tonight, I got to hang with AJ, uninterrupted!  We had a blast.  It was old lady fun I guess. Haha!  We just went to go eat, but it is so much fun to be around her because we always make each other laugh.  In college, we always went to California Dreaming ( we were at College of Charleston), so tonight we went to “our place”.   We got caught up on each other’s lives first.  We both have tons going on.  She has two precious boys.  I have one crabby gramma. I think I have it worse! Haha!  We both have our fair share of lunatic relatives, so we got caught up on them.  Then we gossipped about all the folks we know. 

We had a good meal, and good friendship.  I realized how much I miss getting to see her all the time.  We have vowed to try to get together at least every couple of months. E-mail and phone calls isn’t as good! 

Amy is so caring and bubbly. She always has nice things to say.  She can take a joke, and she can joke about herself.   That is a great trait to have in a best friend.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime!

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