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Did you guys know that in most, if not all states, governments decide how much money to budget in the future for new prisons, prison renovations, enlargements, etc. based on the standardized test scores of their ELEMENTARY students, in some cases starting as early as SECOND GRADE??

Maybe it’s just me, but couldn’t some of that money be redirected to early childhood education programs, parent services and training, access to more books for children, etc.?  I know, I am just a crazy ol’ democratic teacher.  What do I know about middle school kids who didn’t get the early childhood base of education they needed? What do I know about parents who are just as intimidated about school as their kids are because more often than not, school was not a positive experience for them either? What do I know about parents who can barely read so they can’t spread the love of books and reading to their own small children?

Just something to ponder.

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