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So, it’s been a while since I have done shown some love (and some unlove)

Things I am loving right now:

**almond bear claws from Publix

**teen lit

**my new teaching ideas


**fresh, new razor cartridges

**the promise of fall in the air some mornings

**the reminder of summer in the air most afternoons

**planning my halloween costume

**playing with Matthew

**my new clinique mascara

**walker’s short bread

**my friends

**all of my dog/house/pool sitting jobs

**tammy’s pimento cheese

**thinking about the SC State Fair in a month!!

**reading my students’ journals (my favorite of which was a funny, cute account of trying to get Justin Beiber’s phone number on Twitter)

**our seventh graders this year

**ginger ale

**goat cheese


**orbit spearmint gum

**my kitties

**a certain man who can always make me laugh


**new tv line ups

**project runway

**tim gunn telling off one of the contestants on PR

**Pinnacle whipped cream vodka with orange juice

**Jon Stewart and The Daily Show


**new season of The Amazing Race in two weeks!
Stuff I am not loving….

>>fall allergy season (achoooo)

>>car repairs


>>being too busy to walk (which will be rectified this week!)

>>my  tan is fading

>>extremists who are intolerant

>>the stinkiness of the river

>>lazy students

>>my messy room

>>judgmental people who don’t know what they’re talking about

>>not being a trustfund baby or lottery winner


>>those ankle boot sandals mutations

>>jelly shoes

>>katy perry songs (all of them)

>>my spilling everything

>>my crappy old ass mattress

>>my crappy ankle

>>white chocolate

>>raspberry anything

>>lemon anything

>>the new cherry 7UP formula

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Dear Teachers:

This is to all of the teachers, professors, TA’s and anyone else who tried to teach me as a student in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, paralegal school or grad school.

Now that I teach middle school, I feel your pain, your pride, your disappointments, your fear and your amusement.  I am sorry I talked while you were trying to teach me about genetics or the Enola Gay, or, more likely than not, for reading something other than the assigned materials.  Please forgive me for being unmotivated and underachieving, for just wanting to turn in something that was just “good enough” and not always “my best”.  I know now that you didn’t want perfection, you just wanted my best, whatever that might have been.

To my elementary school teachers, thank you a million times over for your patience and judgment.  If it weren’t for you, I would probably have been pumped full of medications to calm and focus me.  Instead, you allowed me to work at my own pace, even though that meant I finished the day’s work within an hour.  Thank you for having the wisdom to know this was okay, and to just give me an open-ended pass to the library where I was able to sit quietly and calmly and read.  It was your great judgment and experience, Miss Judy Mills, that provided me with this chance to stay out of trouble and delve into a million different worlds each day. Thank you to the Librarian, Miss Ida Williams-now-Thompson, who went to the middle school (which I now work at!) to check out books for me when I had surpassed the topical and reading levels of our own elementary school.  As a teacher, I am not able to spot those kids who are too smart and plain bored in my classroom and I request that they be tested for gifted and talented programs, like Mrs. Dominic did for me in 2nd grade.   I don’t let them off the hook for misbehaving, but I don’t write them off either.   I have made them write sentence such as “I WILL NOT TALK DURING CLASS”, like the many sentences I had to write for Mrs. Childers in 3rd grade.  I also credit her with my vast vocabulary, acquired by writing dictionary pages at lunch time for her, earned by my talking during class time.  I even give lunch detention in the same fashion that Mrs. Dawkins and Mrs. Lorick gave it to me in 4th and 5th grade.

I remember that my students are just children who need to be taught proper behavior by someone, even if it’s me.  I keep in mind that some of my kids come from poorer backgrounds and try not to make them feel small or inferior.  I provide them with coats or shoes, pencils or paper.  I keep in mind that like my grandmother, not all adults have had a positive experience with teachers and school, so I treat them with dignity and respect at all times when dealing with their  children.

Many regards to the middle school teachers who tolerated me and all of my pubescent classmates as we struggled to get through this horrible age.  School was in no way important to me then.  All I cared about was not starting my period in Social Studies class, hanging out at Putt Putt and who was cute and who was going with whom.  Forgive me once again, Mrs. Redmond, for calling you Medusa in a note I was passing to Patrice Murray, that Rhett Bigby got confiscated.  I really didn’t mean and really felt bad. Thank you for accepting my apology then, and know that I learned more from that lesson than I did about science the entire time I was in 8th grade.  I am sorry Mrs. Dicks that I joined in the foolish talk that your husband’s name was “Harry”.  We were stupid and penis jokes were funny.   Thank you Mrs. Smith for telling me to stop reading Where the Red Fern Grows before Old Dan saved Billy from the mountain lion, and even worse, when Little Ann dies of starvation at Old Dan’s grave.  I sobbed like a baby that night and would have been mortified to have had that heaving, snotty nose bawl-fest in front of my classmantes.  (I am tearing up just thinking about those last few pages of that amazing book!) Thank you to the principal I work for now who remembers me as one of his students at this middle school and hired me anyway.

A begrudging thanks to those teachers at Dreher High School who tried to motivate me to stay in the Honors classes, and were disappointed when I moved to College Prep because it was easier and required little to no work on my part.  You were right.  There I said it. I DID need to be in those classes.  I didn’t know how to study in the most effective manner when I started college.  Thank you Mrs. Cauthen and Mrs. Gilmore for putting up with my pretentious reading habits and refusal to read assigned materials that I was uninterested in. Now when my students tell me how stupid or boring some story is, I am getting what I deserve.  While I never would have blatantly said this, I often thought it and just passive aggressively refused to read.  Luckily, most of you summarized so well, that I never had to.  Mrs. Gilmore, thank you for making me read A Separate Peace and The Catcher In the Rye.  However, I can never forgive you for Red Badge of Courage.  Thank you to the teachers who refrained from writing me up on a referral when I talked too much, and instead sent me to guidance, where I was put to work utilizing my office skills I had learned in my after-school job.  Now, when my student will just not shut up, I don’t write them up.  I find an alternative method of redirecting their energies.  Or I do as you did, and send them to someone else.  Thank you to Klein who forced me to show respect and didn’t allow me to call teachers by their first names, even if I knew them on a different level (like at my church). Now, I tell my students, “When you have a college degree, I will be Kim to you. Then we are equals.  Now, and until then, we are not.” I am sorry, Mrs. Masdonati for arguing with you and telling I would never need to know the formula for measuring my headlight on my car because I could just take it to NAPA for the part (even though I was right, and that’s exactly what I do now.) But don’t fret Math teachers, I DID learn some algebra, and more than a little geometry, and I am amazed every time I help a student with their math homework and actually know what I am doing and get the answer correct!

My poor, poor college professors.  I know you cared less about how I did in your classes, but I also know, as an educator, you just can’t help but wish some of us would work a little harder – at least to our potential.  Thank you most of all to Dr. C. C. Hunt for her sarcasm, wit and enormous book collection to all three of which I strive to meet or surpass on a daily basis. I can only blame it on falling in love, working, and really just wanting to have fun.  Thank you to Dr. Anna Katona for being such an inflexible, unyielding bitch, so that I could have an example of now I DIDN’T want to teach or treat students. I don’t really regret it, but I promise, that phase is over, and I am a stellar A student now.

Joe Mallini, I am NOT sorry I argued and debated the issues of law with you on a near-daily basis! It made the classes invigorating and informative for me. I only regret that you aren’t around any more and won’t be able to say I told you so, when I finally go to law school. Phil Mace, I am not sure how I learned a bit in your class, given your flaky, disjointed, absent-minded professor method of teaching, but to this day I think I learned more in Family Law than maybe any class except Wills, Trust and Probate.

As for grad school, thank you Linda Hall for helping me realize that as an educator and female leader, it is my duty to influence practice, procedure, administration and laws surrounding the education of our children.

So, to all of you who had a hand in The Education of Little Me, Thanks.  I haven’t forgotten what a pain in the ass I know I was.  So just know that I am getting my just desserts when my students who are BRILLIANT, but infamously LAZY refuse to work.  Know that I haven’t forgotten the punishments, rewards, equalities and inequalities meted out any of you, and that I use them daily.

Those of you who deal with or interact with children, please remember that they are watching everything you do and say and are absorbing and processing it all to use in their own “tool kit” for survival as adults.  Be firm, be gentle, be amused, be forgiving, be flexible, be fair, be just, be available, be there.

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Shit I have never been embarrassed about:

*my family – even the rednecky, loser ones.

*liking the following bands or artists: styx, journey, matchbox 20, nickleback (just like jesse), justin timberlake, tim mcgraw,  a lot of Top 40

*big hair in the 80s

*wearing black Reeboks in the 80s

*not getting my driver’s license until i was 21 – almost 22

*growing up a ‘hood rat

*painting my toenails

*having 5 cats and 2 dogs

*being a picky eater

*watching a LOT of television


*cross-stitching.  yes, i cross-stitch. so??

*believing in God, but not caring what people think, and more importantly, not caring or judging those who don’t

*never having been married

*being a liberal

*my friends

*not being a homeowner

*cussing. i cuss a lot.  a lot.

*talking to my animals and answering for them

*Duke’s mayo

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I stole this idea from Melida Register.  Her list was really good.  I think mine is okay, but her’s is better! 

These are the things  wanna do in 2008.  THEY ARE NOT RESOLUTIONS.  More like Goals or Objectives.

1.  Start working on National Board Certification

2. Buy (and ride) a new bicycle

3. Have sex (preferrably with someone I am dating, and not myself.)

4.  Buy a Blackberry

5. Buy a laptop

6. Redecorate this house

7. Read a book a week.  Starting January 1.

8. Wash my car at least once a month

9.  Go to church more often, maybe a new church

10.  See the Foo Fighters in concert

11.  Get my S.C.U.B.A. certification

12. Travel more

13.  Take a photography class

14. Take the LSAT.  I don’t want to go to law school.  I really just want to know that I can.

15.  Have more parties at my house.

16.  Drink more water

17. Vote  for the first African American President

18.  Volunteer more time to worthy causes

19.  Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve

20.  Eat more fruit

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Life after THE HOBB

Well, THE HOBB has been gone for a month now.  I miss her each and every day.  THe weirdest things make me think about her or bring a flash of a memory.  Then, that sort of sets the tears off.  I know that Gramma would NOT want me wandering around crying at the drop of a hat, so I just tell myself to suck it up. 

As I knew it would be Thanksgiving was really sad for me.  My family, for as long as I can remember, has always had a big Thanksgiving.  It was the one time that most of my family members came together and ate dinner and had great fellowship together.  Thanksgiving was a time when my mom might actually show up sober and hang out for a while.   This Turkey Day, my sister and I decided to just not have Thanksigiving.  We went to see No Country for Old Men.  It was good.   Then we sneaked in to Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.  So we spent the whole day at the movies.  It was nice.   By the time we got home, for me Thanksgiving was  over. 

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I decided to start my own new tradition. I decided to start having a gathering of friends on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It is called the FALL FRIENDS FREE-FOR-ALL.  We all gathered last night.  Most of my friends were there.  Some were still out of town for the holidays.  We had a nice fire going in the fireplace. There was a TON of food!  HOLY CRAP!  We had everything you can think of:  chili, pigs in the blanket, Asian cole slaw, boiled peanuts, hot wings, rum cakes, ice cream, rotel cheese dip, bleu cheese biscuits, pasta salad, artichoke dip. Lord, the list just goes on and on!  We had a giant cooler of beer and some wine (which was probably not that great, because I don’t drink wine).  It was a ton of fun.  A lot of my friends brought their kids.  We all drank and ate WAY TOO MUCH.  We watched the CLEMSON TIGERS beat USC.  Barely. But a win is a win baby!  My awesome friends helped me clean up, and we all split up the food.

One party guest stood out as THE NUMBER ONE party guest.  MICH! He brought me the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FUTURESEX/LOVESHOW LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN DVD!!  WOOO!  That makes him the number one party guest!  (and my room is immaculate).  He also made the delicious pigs in the blanket. 

Gramma would have loved this party . She would have been the belle of the ball!  Now, I just have to get through Christmas.  That will be much harder. Thanksgiving and Christmas were her favorite holidays. 

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The Chicken and The Crow

My oldest, closest friend is Amy Jo. Well she is one of them.  I have known Debbie and Amy Jo since we were in 7th grade.  At this point, they are family, not friends. 

  In middle school, Debbie and I were inseparable.  In high school, college and after, it was Amy Jo and Kim, The Chicken and The Crow.  Those were our nicknames.    She used to do animal impressions; The Chicken was one of them.  I was The Crow because I was always bitching at her.  CAW CAW!

Amy Jo and I rode to school every day. We ate lunch together. We hung out together at night and on weekends.  We all hung out on weekends and went to the beach and stuff together. Amy and I went to the Bahamas together.  I’d sleep at her house, she’d sleep at mine.  More often she was at mine because her mom was always at the lake.  No one knows me as well as these two crazy girls!

Amy Jo and I were college roommates.  We had so much fun.  (those are stories for later blogs!)  When we graduated, she lived with me and THE HOBB for awhile. (THE HOBB is my gramma for new readers. )

As grown ups, we rarely see each other as much as we’d like, considering the constant hours we spent as girls and young adults. Tonight, I got to hang with AJ, uninterrupted!  We had a blast.  It was old lady fun I guess. Haha!  We just went to go eat, but it is so much fun to be around her because we always make each other laugh.  In college, we always went to California Dreaming ( we were at College of Charleston), so tonight we went to “our place”.   We got caught up on each other’s lives first.  We both have tons going on.  She has two precious boys.  I have one crabby gramma. I think I have it worse! Haha!  We both have our fair share of lunatic relatives, so we got caught up on them.  Then we gossipped about all the folks we know. 

We had a good meal, and good friendship.  I realized how much I miss getting to see her all the time.  We have vowed to try to get together at least every couple of months. E-mail and phone calls isn’t as good! 

Amy is so caring and bubbly. She always has nice things to say.  She can take a joke, and she can joke about herself.   That is a great trait to have in a best friend.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime!

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Goin’ To the Chapel


This is one of my favorite stories.


When we were all 23, my childhood friend Debbie got married rather quickly.  No she wasn’t knocked up.  She was marrying a Navy man.  He was being shipped to Hawaii, and they just couldn’t be apart!  They were in love, proposals ensued, and a spur of the moment wedding was underway.


The chapel at Pawley’s Island on the waterway was reserved.  A nice sit down rehearsal dinner and reception was organized.  Another childhood friend, Amy Jo, and I were requested to be bridesmaids. 


The day of the rehearsal we go to Myrtle Beach.  After the rehearsal and much drinking, we go buy our brides’ maid’s dresses.  This is truly one of few brides’ maid’s dresses I have been able to wear repeatedly afterwards.  We got them at J. Crew, I think.  With that out of the way, we got on to the BACHELORETTE party!!  We went back to Deb’s apartment and starting getting ready to go out, doing tequila shots and drinking liquor drinks.  Needless to say, we were getting drunnnk.    We went to some cheesy dance club.  One of our girls passed out in the bathroom as soon as we got there.  We worked to get her awake and out in the car to sleep it off.  Not an easy task for five drunken college girls. 


The wedding was at noon the next day in August in a chapel with no air conditioning.  We stayed out until about 5, and then stayed awake drinking at the apartment until 7 a.m.  (Oh, don’t you judge us!  You know you did that in college! Some of you still do!!) .  We slept until about 9:30.  We begrudgingly got up and started to slowly get ready, showering etc.  Debbie, Amy and I went to another friend’s house to get ready. When we got here, still drunk really, we laid around the house for a while. 


We finally got our acts together and arrived at the chapel about thirty minutes late.  This was before we all had cell phones, so no one knew where we were or if we were even coming.  Debbie’s dad was really pissed off.  We were still tipsy, so we didn’t care.  Debbie, being her usual belligerent self said, “Fuck y’all!  It’s my wedding; I can be late if I want to!”


The wedding started.  There was a cheesy CD player playing the music for the wedding (someone else’s idea, not Debbie’s).  It was unbearably hot! August in South Carolina, at the beach no less, is not a cool, comfortable place to be.  Did I mention that I was wearing high heels, panty hose and a long sleeve dress?  Did I also mention that my hair, at this point was waste length.  If you know me, I have think, curly hair.  Long, thick, curly hair in conjunction with that clothing ensemble results in sweat rivulets down various parts of my body, such as my back, the backs of my legs, my cleavage, my face, my arms pits…


So, the wedding is progressing.  We are all getting a little emotional because Debbie is the first one of our trio to get married.  We’re sad and happy at the same time because she is moving away too.  To help us get a little relief from the heat, we had the sliding glass doors of the chapel open. As I was walking down the aisle, I had dropped my tissue.  I was also at one point given Debbie’s bouquet, so my hands are full.


I got more and more emotional and got a little sniffly.  It didn’t help that we were all a little buzzy still. At one point, while I was sorta crying, a crane flew out of the marsh with a very, very loud RAHWWH  RWAHHW. 


THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW.  That struck my funny bone.  I let out a snort because it tickled me that as Debbie was saying her “I do’s”, this large bird was flying and making  a huge ruckus.  Unfortunately, as I let out this snort my nose was full of snot.  I blew and enormous snot bubble!  The only people to see this bubble were Debbie, Amy and me.  We all got struck so funny, we couldn’t really pay any more attention to the actual vows and ceremony going on around us.  We were all shaking violently.  I am now trying to sniff the snot back up my nose as it is making a slow descent to my lips.  (Keep in mind that my tissues are gone and my hands are full of flowers, so I can’t even do a quick nose rub)  SNIIFFFF. GIGGLE! GIGGLE! SNIFF! SNIFFF! I started tilting my head back hoping that would slow things down.   No luck. Finally, the wedding was over.  I am a sweating, snotty face, sniffling mess who is trying NOT to completely roll on the floor with laughter at the complete absurdity of how all this had turned out. 


To add insult to injury, at the reception, one of the other girl’s in the wedding party pulled my ribbon on the bride’s maid’s cake. The ribbon was attached to a lovely silver charm, each with a special meaning.  I got stuck with the last charm.  A thimble.  The thimblesspecial represention: OLD MAID. 

 To this day Debbie blames me for her divorce, and I blame her for my spinsterhood.

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