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I have a confession to make.  I hate poetry.  I know many of you write it, and that’s great.  I love creativity.  I will skim over it when you post it, but really I just have never liked it.  I tried writing it for a while and it was just  no fun for me. I wrote some decent poems. Actually took a class to learn to write them better in college.  I like THE RAVEN okay and JABBERWOCKY. I like THE RAVEN because it’s full of alliteration which is my favorite literary device.

I DREADED the poetry unit when I taught school.  I taught it and tried to make it interesting.  Fortunately, most middle school girls are full of angst and sadness and unrequited love so they really enjoyed it.  The boys liked some of it when I compared it to rap. I still hated it.  Not as much as Algebra, but hated it nonetheless.  Now Annie has called me wanting help with her Poetry unit.  ACK!  That is what brought all this to the surface. THE DREADED POETRY UNIT OF MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

Maybe I am just too pragmatic for poetry to appeal to me.  The epics, odes and ballads did appeal more to me. I love to read, but I like to read stories or history.  I am not much of a romantic sort either, so maybe that’s why I don’t see the appeal of tucking in with a cup of tea and book of sonnets. I am glad there are you budding poets out there to pick up the slack for us anti-poetry types. Keep on rhyming and working that iambic pentameter.  Push those rhyming couplets coming.

And please, don’t comment with I haven’t found the right poet or poetry for me.  I was an English major nearly every English class I took involved poetry in some way.  Thank God for Moby Dick.  fortunately I was able to take Shakespeare’s Comedies and Histories and avoid Drama and Sonnets.

I guess I will stick with the poetic stylings of rappers and Dr. Seuss.

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